Why ICG Medical

Why ICG Medical?

These are some of the reasons why numerous BioPharma companies, both in the San Francisco Bay Area, and around the world, come to ICG Medical for writing services:

1) Writing is our core business.

2) Using ICG is a very cost-effective solution: we are far less expensive than going through either a staffing agency, or through a CRO, which would then, in turn, subcontract the project to companies that specialize in writing, sic as ICG.

3) Given ICG’s strong leadership we’ve been able to attract and retain top regulatory writers who are US-trained MDs, PhDs and the like.

4) ICG staff members assigned to your projects can work onsite to start a project, speak with team members, gather information and attend review meetings. The project development will take place in our office in San Jose.

We’ve used this model for over 23 years with great success, so contact us to see how we can partner with you for your success!

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