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5 Outstanding Reasons to Outsource Your Medical Writing

Within the past few years, the business world has seen an upsurge in outsourcing, particularly in the field of medical and technical writing. Outsourcing, the process of contracting a third party organization to undertake a business project, can strengthen your business and even save you money. Here 5 outstanding reasons to outsource your next medical writing project: 1. Focus on your core business A large amount of time and resources…

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Why Daylight Savings Time May be Detrimental to Your Health

Twice each year, people across the globe prepare to change their clocks–setting them either an hour ahead, or an hour behind. The concept, known as daylight savings time, was originally implemented in 1895. An attempt to lengthen the work day, the idea was to decrease the amount of sunlight in the early morning and increase the amount of sunlight in the evening. With today’s modern technology, daylight savings time does…

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Registration Now Open for Medical Writing Conference

Registration is now open for the American Medical Writers Association‘s (AMWA’s) 73rd Annual Conference! The conference, entitled, Expanding Our Horizons, will be held at the Hyatt Regency Columbus, in Columbus, Ohio from November 6-9. Aimed at providing exciting new resources and networking opportunities for medical writers, the AMWA is inviting any interested persons (you need not be a medical writer to attend) to register for this event. The conference involves…

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Calling All SuperAgers!

A new study run by the Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine has put out a call for all superagers. What is a superager? A man or woman at least 80 years of age who has the memory of someone much, much younger. The foundation of the study stemmed from lead researcher, neuroscientist Emily Rogalski’s, interest in the varying memory capacity seen in older people. After observing patients at her…

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Medical Writing: Are Mobile Technologies Revolutionizing Medicine? Part II

Need to check your blood pressure? Monitor your asthma? Schedule a doctor’s appointment? There’s an app for that. Within just the past few years, mobile technologies have revolutionized the way we live our lives; from shopping, to dinning, to dating, and perhaps most notably, in the field of health care. Today, health applications are capable of extraordinary feats. Allayo is a free application created to help users manage their health…

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The Superflu: Researchers’ Answer to H7N9

Though this year’s flu season has officially come to a close, researchers harbor fears of a flu pandemic in the near future. Their solution? To engineer a flu virus that is more lethal than anything we have ever seen before. Met with heated, and arguably warranted controversy, researchers from theNetherland’s Erasmus Medical Center announced their plans to develop a virulent strain of the flu virus yesterday. The team of researchers…

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