Multimedia Design & Software Development

Multimedia Design Services

ICG has a proven track record for providing new and exciting multimedia solutions for our customers. Our multifaceted team of experienced professionals can translate your creative ideas into dynamic solutions. Our project capabilities include interactive CDs and DVDs, 2D and 3D animation, audio and video format conversion, training and presentation films, interactive websites and documents, java applet development, illustrations and graphics, and Quicktime VR.

Interactive CDs and DVDs

We can produce interactive CD and DVD-ROMs for training, learning, marketing, and information archiving. They may be delivered incorporating all the individual components listed and can also be used to distribute entire websites that have dynamic web linking. This feature is especially useful for documents that need frequent updating. For example, the document can be stored on the CD/DVD and a link provided to the Internet site where updated documents or additional information can be made available by simply clicking a button in the document.

2D and 3D Animation

ICG can generate static and animated 3D models, diagrams, and simulations to illustrate and explain complex or abstract concepts. CGI (Computer Generated Images) can be an inexpensive solution to describing or presenting products and concepts that may be in development or difficult to explain in words.

Audio and Video Format Conversion

Our company can convert existing footage or clips of media stored as analog video or audio for use in multimedia projects. Composite video can be converted to the latest digital video formats, such as MP4, animated GIFs, Shockwave or Flash (for use in HTML files and web content), Java applets, Adobe Director standalone films with an embedded player, digital slide shows, as well as other custom formats. We can also transcode older digital video formats to today’s standards.

Analog audio can be converted to and saved in virtually any digital format. Additional sound design can be incorporated depending on your project’s needs.

Training and Presentation Films

Generally incorporated in CDs or DVDs, these films can be delivered in many different formats. They may be used in trade show booths as a presentation on a loop or in a training session that is controlled by a laptop computer for projection on a large screen. These films or clips can also be converted into compact files for use in HTML documents for web delivery.

Interactive Web Sites and Documents

Fully animated web pages with animation, audio, and interactivity captivate users. These enhancements can also be applied to documents creating attractive and dynamic presentations. The components of these websites and documents include Shockwave films, Java applets, and animated GIFs.

Java Applet and Web Start Development

ICG can produce Java applets and Java Web Start applications for use in websites and interactive documents.

Illustrations & Graphics

We can produce precision graphics using the full spectrum of industry standard tools, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, FreeHand, DeBabelizer, and Corel DRAW. The output can be used in vector-based and web-optimized formats.

QuickTime VR

ICG can create professional quality node and object movies in QuickTime VR format.


Software Development Services

ICG provides full lifecycle Software Development services including application development, custom software development, and enhancing existing software. Our developers apply and adapt the software development process on a project-by-project basis. The process typically includes requirements analysis, design, development, verification, refinement, maintenance and support, and project management.

  • Requirements analysis: determine all requirements (functional and non-functional) of the development project to create a software requirements specification (SRS). This step is critical for producing a software system that fulfills its intended purpose.
  • Design: determine the different components needed for the software system to properly function and identify how each will interact with the rest of the system to create high-level and component-level design descriptions. Other aspects considered here are compatibility, maintainability, modularity, reusability, usability, etc.
  • Development: the different components of the software system design are coded and consolidated. Functional and integration testing is performed during this phase to catch any design issues or bugs early in the development process. Once coding and testing are complete the software system is ready for verification.
  • Verification: perform system testing to verify all software requirements have been met and to insure bugs and other issues are uncovered and fixed.
  • Refinement – fix bugs and other issues that were found during verification.
  • Maintenance and Support: provide software support for the project to perform any general enhancements, changes, and new features encountered or required by the end-users.
  • Project Management: define the problem being addressed, determine viable solutions, detail who is involved and their responsibilities, and specify the timetables for all phases and elements of the software development project.

Our developers are experienced with common programming, scripting, and database languages including C/C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, Visual Basic, AppleScript, and SQL. We create custom software and applications that run on a wide range of platforms, and include web-based, database, e-business, system, mobile, server- and client-side, and embedded environments.

We partner with you each step of the way to make sure your software projects are completed in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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