Training Development

Training Development Services

ICG provides instructor-led and self-paced training services for technical, sales and marketing, retail, and field teams to help train your personnel in the latest technologies. Our training services include:

  • Training Tools: designing courses, creating training manuals, and preparing presentations.
  • Courseware Development: developing course materials such as tutorials, videotapes, and teaching guides for technical, quasi-technical, and nontechnical audiences.
  • Instructional & 2D animation: conveying abstract processes or mechanical systems via QuickTime, Shockwave, Flash, or Java based animations.

Our trainers are familiar with multiple training models and are able to create customized courses to meet a project’s specific needs. The most commonly used instructional design process includes analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation phases.

  • Analysis: collect and analyze critical information to identify the project details, such as the business needs, goals and objectives, target audience, existing knowledge, available resources, and timelines.
  • Design: use the information gathered in the analysis phase to define the instructional approach and course content. This includes determining the organization and presentation of the content, and the methods for measuring the goals of the course.
  • Development: create sample pages, storyboards, mockups, etc. for client approval and making any required changes. Once approved the course materials are created and reviewed for accuracy and completeness. Trial runs can be held to finalize the course before implementing.
  • Implementation: deliver course materials and, if necessary, establish class schedules and related logistics.
  • Evaluation: measure how well the project achieved its desired goals using participant surveys and tests, as well as assessing long-term results.

ICG has worked closely with many companies to develop and deliver instructional training. Recently, we worked with Apple to develop and update their certification courses. We also have training materials on other technology topics including Mac OS X services, Mac OS client management and networking, WebObjects, AppleScript, Java, JSP/Servlets, HTML, and Apache.

Courses can be delivered at ICG’s training facilities, or your own.

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